History of the Hotel

The Hotel Mercure Ferrara **** was born on 30 April 1925 to manage the premises close to the Este castle between Largo Castello and Piazza della Repubblica, next to the Church of San Giuliano.

Places that since the end of 1500 have always been used as an inn or tavern : Locanda del Pellegrino, Osteria di S. Antonio, Taverna del Persico, which will become Ristorante Italia da Giovanni, the place where even the protagonist of the Garden goes to lunch of the Finzi Contini of Bassani.

Even the great cinema of Luchino Visconti tells about us : there are numerous scenes of Obsession that take place in front of the entrance of the Ferrara Hotel, then in Piazza della Repubblica. It is reasonable to argue that it is one of the reference companies, leader in the segment, both for city institutions and for the major local and multinational companies of the province, and for individual tourists or organized in groups: for anyone who wants quality and services in the hospitality.